An Irish Tune For Justin

At times I can't understand
and walk the town alone at night.
But the unknown becomes recognizable
When you show your eternal light.

You keep me traveling and searching.
You give me company when  I am low.
Acute observance is merely an attempt
to know what you know.

You are the reason I am here,
Discovering both new answers and new questions.
But you can be sure that when I am lost
I will turn to you for the right directions.

This journey I am on should surely be yours,
But now shall be in your honor.
Your love for life and beauty in all
Led me to a lively pub named Daniel O'Connor.

You taught me a lot,
But you are teaching me more,
About enjoying the game
And not the final score.

But one thing you can be assured,
If that score puts Man. U. on top,
I will not celebrate with anyone,
Not even a drop.

And if in the end,
It is a Lazio or Barcalona,
I will celebrate all night...not alona,
It will be with you, my friend, the great Justin Colonna.

~ RB

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