I don't know if I mentioned in the last message but I have been in contact with the Colorado Rapids
soccer team and they have agreed to have a moment of silence and some words at the season opener
in Mile High Stadium. The only problem is that I think it is right after we leave for Ireland. I believe
it is April 1st, but not positive. If this is the case I will make sure that all of our soccer friends attend.
Justin and I used to make it to nearly every game and haul as many people as we could round up.
Justin would always volunteer to drive us all, he was the team caravan.  Have a good weekend!


Dear Colonna family,
I visited Justin's web site today and the time and thought that went into this overwhelms me. What
a wonderful way to continue Justin's presence and to allow everyone to share their memories and
feelings. I myself grew up with the Miller family and had the opportunity to hang out with Kathryn's
cool cousins at a young age. Actually most of my memories of Justin are as kids. I can remember
riding in the back of the volvo station wagon countless times with Kathryn, David, Ann, and Justin,
always teasing each other, joking around.... just being kids. One time I remember the biggest and
most important decision in our whole day was deciding who would get the last of the famous
homemade fruit roll up that Sally and Susan had made.  As all the other friends and loved ones
mentioned in their thoughts, it is Justin's sense of humor, smile, and even at a young age... his
incredible sense of adventure and love of life that I will always remember. Looking at all these
wonderful pictures and reading the stories from people that were close to him in recent years, I
am overcome with a sense of loss that our paths did not cross more often as we grew up. However
I consider myself very lucky that I did get the chance to know Justin and it is obvious from this
web site that he touched many lives! My thoughts and prayers are with your family.
With love, Paige Prichard


Dear Jerry,

I'm so sorry to have missed the memorial service for Justin. Marion was there and was simply
overcome with the love that filled the room. I was very touched by your kind words about me and
Science Discovery's impact on Justin.  We really loved him and have decided on a way to keep his
spirit part of our program.  We will dedicate a new class on wilderness survival to Justin and offer
the proceeds from the class to his memorial fund.

We are hoping that this will also be a way to educate young people and provide the funding for more
safety equipment.  I will contact the MountainRescue people to see if they could come and talk to
the class and we have a friend who had rescue dogs that is very excited about being part of the class.

I will send you and Susan and Ann a copy of the brochure as soon as it is printed.  We would love
to include that incredible picture of Justin on the mountain.  Do you know how we could get a copy
that we could print in our brochure?

I think about you often and am so glad we were able to spend time together.   My best to you and
Susan and Ann.  I have a copy of the booklet from the memorial service and it is so beautiful.


Ellen Brock


Justin hiked the Rocky Mountains consumed with snowy splendor.
Such peaceful beauty glistened there, his heart and soul surrendered.
Our great earth shuddered, a summons was sent from heaven.
For God had waited patiently and beckoned Justin's presence.
    ~Judy Lane


Justin came to me last Spring--I was teaching a course on Italian Civilization. It was a small
class, twelve or thirteen students, and I got to know them quite well. On
the first day of class I asked them to tell me what brought them to my
course. Justin said that he knew that his  father's last name was a
historical name, and he wanted to know more about it and about Italy. And
this was what was wonderful about him, his curiosity, not only intellectual,
but human. When I asked him what topic he wanted to write about for his term
paper, he said that he wanted to explore something he knew little about. I
knew that he loved music, so I suggested that he write about Monteverdi. I
let hem listen to a recording of mine, which contains a poem by Petrarch set
to music by Monteverdi. When he brought me back the record he told me how
much he was moved both by the music and the poem. I realize now that in that
particular sonnet  Petrarch lamented the death of his beloved. I cannot tell
you how many times during these last weeks I have thought of Justin, of his
wonderful mind, of his kindness. A few days before the end of the term early
in December I ran into him  at the library. He told me that he wanted to
major in the humanities as well as in communication and I congratulated him
for making that choice, and for his excellent work in my class. He laughed:
"Yours was the hardest class I ever took," he said, "I never had to work so
hard for a grade, but it was all worth it." When I told me that I would be
teaching Dante's Divine Comedy in the fall he was very happy. "I will be
there," he said. I thought how wonderful it would be for me to have Justin
in class. I thought "I'll teach the class for Justin, he'll make it worth
it." Justin will not be there, but I would like his family to know that I
will teach Dante for Justin. It will be a small way to honor his memory, a
way of remembering the light he brought to our lives, to my life.
    ~Esther Zago


Hey aunt Sally! How is everything?  I am having a great semester in Boulder and really doing well in my classes.  I am
starting to develop my honors thesis this semester, boy that is really going to be a lot of work!
Isnt it great about the beavers!  They seem to be on TV about everyweek out here so I have been watching the games,
and the Oregon game is going to be on TV this saturday.  I was really glad to see UCLA beat Washington
last week, I would have been so angry to see that weseal Rick Neuhiesel go to the rose bowl in his first year.
I am so excited, because I am going to finally get to Europe in January!! The travel agency on campus had this really
incredible sale to Europe a few weeks ago for students and I got tickets to London for only $200. I am
going on Jan 9th for 10 days because school does not start until the 18th. I am starting to make plans for the christmas
break and was wondering if you all were going to be around for christmas.  Are you going to be in
salem or are you going somewhere for the new years??? I have no clue as to what I am doing for the millenium, I really
dont think it is a really big deal since the new millenium dosent really start until Jan 1, 2001.
I am going to go to a really cool exhibit at the denver art museum on Friday.  I dont know how they pulled it off but the
museum has an incredible traveling collection of impressionist paintings from europe.
Not just some lesser known works, but the big guns (monet, manet,rembrant etc....).  The humanities club is going to
go down on friday, and I cant wait to go! Talk to you later.



PS: say hi to everyone for me!


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