Respect for life, love for purity and strength of heart and mind.
It has been over a year and a half since Justin passed away. Although he did not sacrifice his own life,
he has become a martyr to me. His death brought to light all the true, honest characteristics that Justin
held which may have gone unrecognized in life. These are the things that he left us as well as a lifetime
of knowledge and understanding for an ocean of people to share.
His morals were of the utmost importance and his character as strong as oak. I knew Justin, mostly
from afar and certainly not as well as I would have preferred. It was my hope that I would eventually
know him better and some day earn his respect. If we are blind to the qualities of those that are closest
to us, then my advantage was having the distance to see him clearly. Unfortunately, I did not fully
accept his influences until he was gone.
Everyday, in ways large and small, Justin has an influence over my actions and beliefs. That is not to
say that I have adopted his tastes entirely, but rather used them to mold my own being. I share his respect
for life, his love for purity and his strength of heart and mind. I live each day in hope that I can influence
one person half as much as he influences a hundred. The shame of it is that given my place in the world,
Justin would do more than I could ever dream. I would gladly give it if given the chance. But his absence
has opened the eyes and hearts for so many that shared in his life and death. And we all walk out into the
world on our own paths with so much more to give.
If I could pass one thought on to someone in need it would be to live life to the fullest and give as much
as you can to those following in your path. Whether it is apparent or not, what you give might just find
the right person at the right time and help them mature into a mighty human being. As mighty as Justin
makes me feel.
He is remembered with a smile and a deep breath of air. For he gives me the strength to face each day,
the eyes to see without prejudice and reminds me that there is so much I can achieve.
To you Justin, forever.
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